Laser Rejuvenation

Laser rejuvenation


At Revitalize, we practice Affirm Laser Skin Rejuvenation Technique which promotes overall skin rejuvenation, helps improve skin tone and texture thereby making the skin firm and smoother, reducing lines, wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks in minimal recovery time. This technique has been a boon for many clients and the results achieved so far are commendable.


How does this technique work?

The Affirm laser rejuvenation system is a non-ablative fractional resurfacing laser, which combines two different wavelengths 1440 and 1320 nanometers. What this means, is that with every pulse you will get two different lasers working simultaneously to achieve superficial and deep thermal heat. For clients, the real benefit is that the Affirm laser will rejuvenate the top layer treating superficial pores, fine lines and uneven skin tone texture while also targeting deeper layers to stimulate collagen remodelling especially for acne scars, ageing and will tighten the skin giving clients total skin rejuvenation.


Benefits of Laser Rejuvenation

  1. Promotes collagen and elastin
  2. Provides overall skin rejuvenation
  3. Tightens loose skin
  4. Effective treatment for under eye skin
  5. Minimal downtime
  6. Minimal discomfort
  7. Suitable for most skin types


Types of Laser Rejuvenation

  1. Intense Pulsed Light Treatment- An IPL photo facial can treat a variety of skin conditions such as brown spots, broken capillaries, spider veins, and facial redness. An IPL photo facial delivers a bright blast of light at very high energy levels through a hand-held device. While some IPLs have cooling devices, it can be uncomfortable, even painful.An IPLphoto facial is a good choice if you have a number of different goals: plumper, younger-looking skin, faded brown spots, fewer broken capillaries and less overall redness, called diffused facial redness. The number of IPL photo facials you need will vary depending on the condition you’re treating, the results you want, and how your skin
  2. LED Treatment- An LED photo facial is a very gentle treatment that uses narrow spectrum light to boost collagen, which creates plumper, younger-looking skin, or to kill the bacteria that causes acne.This type of photo facial is more likely to be found in a day spa with a serious focus on aesthetics.LED photo facials are painless, cool and relaxing, and (unlike laser treatments) carry no risk of burning. The best results come from a series of photo facial treatments. To begin, a series of six treatments with a one-to-two week between is recommended. After that, maintain with a treatment every month or two. It can be part of a facial or a stand-alone treatment.LED photo facials are a good choice for people who want to boost collagen or treat acne.The results won’t be as dramatic as plastic surgery, but it’s a gentler, more natural, less expensive way to go.


Possible Side-effects

  1. Redness or Pinkness
  2. Darkening of skin
  3. Sunburn or little pain
  4. Skin burning effect if going out without sunscreen


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