Hair Transplant in Women

Hair Transplant in Women

Hair Transplant in Women

Recognizing the unique needs of women experiencing and suffering from hair loss, we at Revitalize are here to address the unique concerns because for women the loss of hair is often a very distressing and personal experience. Most cases of hair loss in women are due to inherited female pattern balding, but medical conditions can also be involved, such as low thyroid or iron levels, hormonal imbalances such as elevated testosterone, binge dieting, and pregnancy.


Causes of Female Hair Loss

  1. The reasons for hair loss in women differ vastly from hair loss in men.
  2. Hormonal imbalances caused by pregnancy, menopause or any other problem can result in hair loss in females.
  3. Prolonged stress or severe tension may also lead to hair loss in women.
  4. Certain medical conditions and medications may contribute to the problem of female hair loss.
  5. Several other factors, such as the use of harsh shampoos or hair colours can also initiate this problem.
  6. Traction alopecia


The Procedure

  1. Female hair transplantation procedure involves taking tiny groups of hair follicles from an area of the head where there is full permanent hair growth and transferring them to the region of the hair loss.
  2. Hair loss in women tends to be more diffuse than men. This means that hair in women become thin over most or all of the head. Females do not bald completely; they may have a balding patch in the area of hair partition. In men, the hair loss usually occurs on top of the head, and the back and sides are usually spared.
  3. Donor’s hair is usually taken from sides and back in the cases of both men and women.
  4. In almost all the cases of hair loss, the follicular units taken from the donor area are placed in-between the existing hair over the recipient area. This procedure if not performed carefully may shock the hair close by.


Hair Transplant Advantages

  1. Once the transplant is done, you will get back your natural and healthy hair
  2. The length will be as normal as before the transplant
  3. You may not feel the scars at all
  4. You will get back your lost confidence
  5. After some time of the transplant, you may start the normal activities with the hair.
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