Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatment

Losing hair can be a great source of depression as it is regarded as the crowning glory of one’s personality. The social and work life of a person is largely affected because he loses confidence. Hair loss is generally seen in both the male and female genders but males have more prominence.

The causes of hair loss can vary from person to person as there is no fixed root cause for it. But in more general terms it is considered as genetic or from the parental history. Well, other reasons may be the medical problem, stress, etc. We must also emphasize on the fact that today we have so many hair restoration methods also that we can apply to different types of problems.


Symptoms of Hair Loss

  1. The most common is one of the gradual thinning of hair near the sides and the forehead.
  2. Excessive shedding of hair while washing or combing
  3. Men are able to see a bald patch on the crown of their head.
  4. In treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, one can have full body hair loss
  5. Some could see scaly patches on the scalp.


Steps to prevent hair loss

  1. One should have a balanced diet full of protein
  2. Do not use any rough shampoo or conditioner and do treat them with harsh manner
  3. Try to avoid tight hairstyles which can damage your hair quality.
  4. Try to avoid stress to the maximum extent.
  5. If using a hair dryer or iron, try to not use it too frequently. Once a while is fine.


Causes of Hair Loss

  1. Family History- if your parents have this kind of hair loss problem, chances are that you would also develop the same as male or female pattern baldness. These show symptoms at a very early stage of life.
  2. Hormonal Changes- If there is any change in the hormonal cycle, you could have a hair loss problem. It can occur in the stages of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause or hyperthyroidism.
  3. Infections in the scalp- it is a condition where people are unable to resist the temptation to pull out their hair.
  4. Medical treatments- treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy are known to have hair loss.
  5. Trauma or stress- When a person is under extreme stress or trauma, one can have hair loss or under a sudden fever.


Hair Loss Treatment

For a proper treatment to be followed, we should know what may be the causes of hair loss so that we can properly proceed with treatment without any side effects.


  1. Blood Test– this will allow us to know about any medical condition
  2. Pull test– this will allow us to know about the hair quality and how severe hair loss is.
  3. Scalp Biopsy– will allow us to know about any infections in the scalp.
  4. Light microscopy– will allow us to know more about the hair shaft.


Surgical Methods for Hair Loss

  1. FUE Hair Transplant
  2. FUT Hair Transplant


Non- Surgical Methods for Hair Loss

  1. Mesotherapy
  2. Laser Therapy
  3. Scalp Massages
  4. Oil Therapy
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