Hair Gain Therapy

Hair Gain Therapy

At Revitalize Studios, We completely help you with Hair Gain Therapy Methods. Which we are experimenting each and every day to continuously innovate our methods of maintaining natural hair growth. We believe that every customer has a different type of hair problem and they need customized treatment for it. Some go for surgery but others may not. We have methods for hair gain which uses natural oils, ayurvedic medicines and massages that increase hair growth in many ways.


  • PRP Therapy

PRP therapy uses platelet-rich plasma which is extracted from the body and is then injected through the scalp for natural hair growth The PRP is taken from your body and is specially prepared by spinning down the blood cells to a high concentration. We use Healeon’s Medical PRP System. It is a closed sterile system and the platelets are concentrated to 3X the normal blood values. The system eliminates granulocytes which hurt tissue regeneration and wound healing. An anaesthesia block is given to nerves of the scalp so the patient does not feel any pain. The highly concentrated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into the scalp. The patient’s hair is then washed and the patient may drive home without any assistance. No sedation or any medication is given during the procedure to inhibit the ability to drive or use machinery.

PRP contains many growth factors that stimulate the hair follicle’s growth. PRP can be used preoperatively, intraoperatively, or postoperatively.

Advantages of PRP Therapy against hair loss are:

  • Simple, non-surgical procedure
  • Multiple Injections: procedure lasting approximately 60 minutes
  • Safe and reliable results
  • Very quick recovery period
  • Beautiful and above all extremely natural looking end results
  • Oxygenate

Oxygen Scalp Therapy is a natural hair treatment that combines the use of a botanical tonic with oxygen, which leads to a balanced scalp and healthy hair strands.  Each treatment helps eliminate bacteria from the scalp while replenishing moisture and balance to the scalp and hair from the root to the ends.  Oxygen Scalp Therapy supplies the scalp with adequate nutrients and oxygen to keep the scalp healthy, which improves the hair by supplying it with the necessary oils to keep it supple and shiny.


  • Massage Comb

Massage comb help in opening the pores of the scalp by red light and electrodes. These increase the cell mechanism and the blood flow to the scalp

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