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Emergency information

If you are an emergency case requiring immediate attention, please call (+91) 90417-85999. We will give you instructions and directions. If you know the Medical Centre’ s address, please come as quick as possible. If you need transfer by us, please let us know by phone.


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Will your consultation be with a doctor ?

It’s important to meet a properly qualified doctor at your consultation, not a Saleperson. Sales people should not be involved in arranging a surgical procedure, nor will they be in a position to give you accurate details on the outcomes you should expect, as each case is different.

Will the procedure be carried out by a qualified surgeon ?

Check the professional credentials of your surgeon, ask of they are experienced in microscopic surgery and how many hair transplants have they carried out.

How much donor hair is available ?

The amount of donor hair that  is available for transplantation is crucial to both the extent and success of the surgery. The figure is finite and not upwardly flexible.

What sort of grafts does the surgeon use ?

There is a major difference between mini / micro grafting and follicular unit transplantation ( FUT ). In mini / micro grafting small grafts are cut to size without respect for the integrity of follicular unit. Follicular unit transplanting consists of using stereomicroscopes to carefully remove these units infact from the skin to transplant to the balding areas. The hairless skin between the follicles is removed so that you get a genuine “hair” transplant. It’s important to do this because the last thing a patiesnt with bald skin needs is to have more bald skin transplanted alone with the hair.


A micro – graft is a graft containing 1 to 2 hairs and a mini – graft is a graft containing 3 to 6 the follicular units. They are prepared by removing the donor strip with a multi-bladed knife, which results in more hair transaction ( cutting ) than with a single – bladed knife. After the strip removal the grafts are prepared and cut to size using little or no magnification and with little respect for the natural follicular units. This causes there problems :

  1. More transaction
  2. Transplanting the hairless skin
  3. Less density in the recipient area due to the hairless skin being transplanted and the larger size of the grafts.

The main advantage of mini / micro grafting are that it is faster for the surgeon and requires less skill and manpower for the assistants and is, therefore cheaper.

How many people are on the team ?

This is important as the donor hair degrades over time, the time between extraction and transplantation. It is absolutely critical that donor hair is handled and treated with respect as no new hair can be created. At HRBR on any one transplant surgery there may be up to 18 technicians, nurses, and surgeons working on each patient.

What’s the right age for the procedure ?

Hair loss is often linked to aging. But as far as ideal age for hair transplant goes it will depend on the individual case of every patient. Most surgeons are move concerned about the future implications of a patients hair loss patterns. This is the reason why surgeons will continue to monitor the patients hair loss one time before choosing what hair transplant procedure to apply. Essentially, age related factors play a huge part in a candidates suitability for a hair transplant surgery.

Should I take hair loss medication after surgery ?

There are times when your surgeon will put you on hair loss medication to pressure the pre-existing hair. Doctors typically recommend finasteride or minoxidil for younger patients. These medications help slow down the growth of the hair and minimize the risk of hair loss.

Do I need to go through more than one surgery ?

If say, hair loss is not satsilized then yes, you will require another surgery in the near future. This is the reason why it is critical to talk to you doctor about the extract of hair loss you are experiencing. Hair transplant surgery will not stop hair loss so your doctor will monitor your condition to identify the baldness pattern. From, here your surgeon will develop the best procedure accordingly. Also, if you want to increase hair density after surgery, you will require another procedure in the future.

Will the results look natural ?

The result of your hair transplant surgery will depend on the skills of your surgeon. The process of transplant hair requires placing each hair follicle individually on various parts of the building area. A highly skilled surgeon should provide natural – looking results.

Will the surgery take long ?

The length of time it takes to complete a hair transplant surgery will depend on the size of the balding area. On average, the surgery takes about 2 to 6 hours. In very rare cases, the surgery is broken down in two parts, lasting two days.

How many hairs will I need ?

This will always depend on the size of the surface you’d like covered, as well as the density we’d want to achieve.

How much does a hair transplant cost ?

Every patient is different and some patients may require more than one procedure but generally, the more hair that is transplanted, the better the outcome. Every FUE Hair Transplant procedure we carry out is designed to suit the patient’s specific needs. You can expect that an FUE hair transplant procedure to start at about Pound 7,000/-

How scars heals and the skill of the experties ?

When the procedure is carried out by a skilled team and the patient heals normally, then only a five pale linear scars, in FUT procedure and or Circular Scars in FUE procedure. These should be completely covered by the patients own hairs.

Is it a Scarless Surgery ?

Yes, It’s a scarless surgery and without losing any blood you get the surgery done. ( Less Than 2 Spoon )

Hair Transplant Scars post operatively ?

Below images show the donor area. Once it is healed and the degree of scarring experienced by each patients following hair transplant surgery at Revitalize Studios.


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