About Us

REVITALIZE STUDIOS – India’s Leading Hair Transplant Clinics


Revitalize Hair Studio is a state of art cosmetic hair transplant center situated in the most reachable city called Jalandhar in Punjab. We have highly specialized team of doctors who handle patients from the pre surgery to post surgery process and guide them through each and every step.

Our hair studio in Jalandhar is equipped with all the state of art facilities and modern technology to bring hair transplant process for our clients in a much smoother way. We use Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) technique for all our hair transplant needs. It gives much better results in terms of lesser graft wastage as compared to other techniques.

The center is kept highly hygienic and sterilized at all times. We assure maximum customer satisfaction at our studio.


Learning FUE transplant technique has been a quite increasing trend from some time. But, it is not just learning that helps to master this technique. You need to practice real time and customize the process according to the client needs. This is why we have started a customized program to give all the practicing doctors in depth knowledge of this technique and achieve success in the operation theatre.

We provide both theoretical and practical ways of learning and the curriculum is designed in such a way that we emphasize on practicing the technique more. In our custom designed course, you will learn the following things:-

  1. FUE transplant technique
  2. Achieving maximum efficiency
  3. Practical experience with live clients
  4. Post-operative measures
  5. Doctor-Patient relationship


Hair loss can generally start from the age of 12 to 13 years and it can cause serious damage to one’s personality. It can be hereditary or due to hormonal changes in one’s body. Below are some of the main causes for hair loss in general:-

  1. Family history or heredity- Hair loss in this case can be due to parental history and is transferred through genes.
  2. Hormonal changes- Hair loss in this case can occur at the time pregnancy, childbirth, on the onset of menstruation or due to change in thyroid levels.
  3. Medical problems- Problems like stress, hyperthyroidism, acute weight loss can lead to acute hair fall.
  4. Deficiency of vitals- Improper portion of vitamins and proteins can create baldness on the scalp. This condition is observes in most of the cases.
  5. Medications- If one is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy or any certain kind of hair styles, hair tend to fall over time.